Real Estate

Impress your listing clients with our immersive 3D imaging technology. In addition to the advantage of demonstrating that you are a tech savvy Realtor, your clients will also benefit by buyers having an opportunity to preview their home virtually from the comfort of their desktop or phone. It is like a 24 hour open house for your listings. This is a huge advantage being that many real estate buyers in Colorado are coming from out of state. If the home is owner occupied, this also helps to eliminate unnecessary showings to buyers that may otherwise not have an interest in the home due to the layout, finishes, etc.

Vacation Rentals

With so many vacation home owners renting their homes on websites such as Airbnb, VRBO, and Home Away, the competition is fierce. Stand out from the competition by giving potential renters an opportunity to virtually walk through your home before putting down a deposit. Being in the vacation rental business myself in the past, the number one compaint that I would get from consumers is that there are not enough pictures, the pictures are poor quality, or that they simply cannot get a feel for the home or condo simply based on the pictures alone. This is a cost effective solution to stand out and provide the consumer exactly what they are looking for.

Construction Projects


Give out of state investors an opportunity to get updated on the progression of any step of the project without having to make the trip to come see the project in person. Additional options available include the ability to make notations on any part of your 3D model or creating an .obj file which can be imported into most auto CAD programs. In addition, our cameras utilize infrared technology as part of the scanning process, and we can provide you with fully dimensional floorplans with an accuracy of 99%. Once a model is created, we also provide builders the ability to utilize our software to get measurements of walls, rooms, cabinets, etc.

Public Venues

Give potential customers the opportunity to get a virtual feel for your business. This can be featured directly from your website by means of a direct link or an embedded video. Some types of businesses that would benefit from an immersive  3D tour include restaurants, clubs, bars, art galleries, museums, music venues, event spaces, and many more possibilities.